WooCrack.com vs ThemePrice.com Review

ThemePrice VS WooCrack

Deep Comparision

Lets Compare both the Website in Details

Lets Compare WooCrack to ThemPrice

Interested in buying GPL based Themes Plugins and worried which website to choose. Lets Compare WooCrack to ThemePrice after using both the services.



  • ThemePrice is Best in terms of Price. Prices start with $4 and For membership its $10
  • Automatic Updates Plugin
  • Provides Scan Report for all its Products
  • Website looks Proffesional
  • Live Chat Support - Expected Time of Revert is 10 Minutes
  • High Range of Premium quality WordPress Themes ,Plugins and Templates. Approx 4000 claimed
  • Membership Download have Limits - Average 40 Per Day
  • Provide Regular Updates
  • 85% Of Products Work Properly
  • Accept Payments from Stripe, Paypal, Bitcoins, Wallets.
  • They do not automatically deduct the money from your account- Non Recurring
  • Not much Popular
  • Focused on Providing Value in a affordable Price
  • Best Refund Policy- They refund without any question as they have written.
  • WooCrack is famous for its low price. But Its Individual Products cost $5 and Membership for Year at $29
  • Automatic Updates Plugin
  • Does Not Provide any Scan Report. No way as their name refers to Crack Products
  • Website Looks Cheap
  • No Live Chat Support - Contacting them is very hard.
  • Low Range of WordPress Themes, Plugins. No Templates are provided. 2135 Products Claimed
  • Membership Download have Limits - Average 30 Per Day. Check their Terms.
  • Provides Regular Updates. Bit Slow in Updating
  • 35% of Products Work Properly
  • Accept payment from PayPal only
  • Very Much Popular
  • Focused on Cheap
  • Does not Offer Refund- Read Terms. There is no way of Refund.

I used multiple of GPL Based website and feels to share my honest thoughts with you guys. Now about WooCrack Reviews after using 1 month. I would never recommend WooCrack because of its worst quality. I Found ample of malwares and It broke my site too. You can check your own after downloading from VirusTotal. If you focus on price , It can cost your hardwork. Don’t go for Cheap , go for a affordable solution. 

About ThemePrice, this website i loved the most in the market, may be its not much popular in the community but it provides a affordable solution in the market. They believe in Upgrading themselves and always try. I would say , i used their products on many client websites and i am much satisfied. 

Thank You….